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Shark Liver Oil Information

Shark Liver Oil information from New Zealand

This web-site is for people seeking information on the health giving properties of Shark Liver Oil and in particular New Zealand Shark Liver Oil. We believe New Zealand Shark Liver Oil coming from the pristine Southern Oceans is a prime product to deliver the benefits of Squalene and Alkoxyglycerols to the people of the world. Sharks are not deliberately targeted for their oil but are a bycatch of fishing for other sustainable deep water species such as Hoki. We do not agree with deliberate targeting of sharks for finning and find the practice cruel and barbaric.



History and Research of Shark Liver Oil - Squalene

The benefits of Shark Liver Oil are not a recent discovery. Fishermen of many disparate nations have long been aware of the curative properties of the oil from deep-sea shark livers. Japanese fishermen fishing Surga Bay on the Izu Peninsula hundreds of years ago called the liver oil they got from sharks pulled from the 1000m depths of the bay, "Samedawa" or "cure all". In China, shark liver oil was recorded in the ancient pharmaceutical book "Honzukomuko".

In Norway and Sweden shark liver oil was traditionally used externally to heal wounds and to protect the skin from the ravages of days in the sun in small boats and hauling in nets with wet hands. It was also used internally to give stamina and heal irritations of the respiratory and alimentary systems.

The natives of Micronesia long used it as a medicine for various sicknesses and diseases. It was also taken as a tonic.

Spanish seamen regularly took what they called "oil of the great fish". They felt it gave them greater resistance to cold and illness.

In 1922 two Japanese researchers discovered alkylglycerols (AKGs) in sharks caught in the deep unpolluted waters off New Zealand. At the time neither researcher seems to have recognized what a powerful compound they had come upon.

It was another 30 years before a Swedish doctor Astrid Brohult gave pieces of bone marrow from calves to young patients with leukemia following the reasoning that since white blood cells are produced in bone marrow an extract of bone marrow may help when abnormal white blood cell was present. She found that in some cases there was an increase in energy and white blood cell production. It took another ten years for her husband Dr Sven Brohult to identify that it was AKGs in the bone marrow that were causing the effect. He and Dr Holmberg also discovered that giving AKGs to radiation victims and radiation patients reduced the effect on white blood cell count of radiation. It has since been discovered after much research in New Zealand, Japan and Europe that AKGs tend to normalize the production of white blood cells. There are also virtually no side effects.

Our own Southern Deep Shark Liver Oil is extracted form quick frozen shark livers that are frozen at sea then kept frozen until they put into a large vat and gently heated until all the oil is released. The oil is then filtered and stored in large stainless steel drums sparged with inert nitrogen until it is encapsulated.

Composition of Shark Liver Oil and Squalene

Lat: Squalene exogene oleum.

    Shark Liver Oil contains:
  • *Alkoxyglycerols (AKG) which stimulate immune function, and protect against uncontrolled cell growth.
  • *Alkoxyglycerols (AKG) which stimulate immune function, and protect against uncontrolled cell growth.
  • Squalene which is an antioxidant, is bactericidal and has long been used to keep human skin soft, pliable and healthy. Its chemical structure causes it to react with water, combining with hydrogen and releasing oxygen. The human body only produces only very small amounts of Squalene.
  • *Squalamine which is a recently discovered compound in Shark Liver Oil that blocks the formation of blood vessels (angiogenesis) that feed tumors thus effectively starving them to death. It is also a natural viricide, bacteriacide and fungicide.
  • *Omega 3 fatty acids which are well known to help in lowering cholesterol levels.
  • *Triglycerides (TAG) which are a natural source of energy in our bodies.
  • *Vitamin A.
  • *Vitamin D.
  • *Vitamin E.
  • *Essential Fatty Acids.
  • *Copper (CU), Zinc (ZN) and Iron (Fe) in trace amounts.

* The above marked ingredients with a '*' are not present in the product Squalene.

Benefits of Shark Liver Oil



Some biological actions of alkylglycerols from shark liver oil.

Pugliese PT, Jordan K, Cederberg H, Brohult J.

Karolinska Institute (Soderjukhuset), Stockholm, Sweden.

Shark liver oil has been used for over 40 years as both a therapeutic and preventive agent. The active ingredients in shark liver oil have been found to be a group of ether-linked glycerols known as alkylglycerols. Initial clinical use was for treating leukemias, and later to prevent radiation sickness from cancer x-ray therapy. Studies over the last 30 years have shown that alkylglycerols are multifunctional. The level of natural alkylglycerols rises within tumor cells, apparently in an effort to control cell growth. Recent studies indicate that the activation of protein kinase C, an essential step in cell proliferation, can be inhibited by alkylglycerols. This action suggests a competitive inhibition of 1.2-diacylglycerol by alkylglycerols. Further studies on the immunostimulatory action of alkylglycerols suggest a primary action on the macrophage. The process of macrophage activation has been demonstrated with both synthetic and natural alkylglycerols. While the exact mechanism has not been found, both an autocrine and paracrine system have been suggested. Shark liver is a major natural source of alkylglycerols, which have no known side effects in dosages of 100 mg three times a day. The information presented in this article suggests that alkylglycerols may be used both as an adjunct therapy in the treatment of neoplastic disorders and as an immune booster in infectious diseases.

The synergistic effect of lactic acid bacteria and alkylglycerols on humoral immunity in mice.

Chorostowska-Wynimko J, Krotkiewski M, Radomska-Lesniewska D, Sokolnicka I, Skopinska-Rozewska E.

Department of Immunology, National Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, 26 Plocka str., 01-138 Warsaw, Poland.

Investigations on immune suppression and reconstitution of immune functions dependent on the presence of physiological microflora allow us to conclude that symbiotic microorganisms such as Lactobacillus sp. are essential for adequate activity of the defense system in humans. In addition to their beneficial influence on the intestinal microbial balance, these microorganisms exert a variety of immunomodulatory effects on the host immune system. On the other hand, immunostimulatory animal-derived substances rich in alkylglycerols have been shown to enhance lactic acid bacteria proliferation. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to evaluate the effects on murine humoral response of the combined administration of lyophilized combination of three lactic acid bacteria: L. acidophilus, L. bulgaricus and Bifidobacterium bifidum together with alkylglycerol-rich shark liver oil. The lactic acid bacteria mixture induced markedly stronger enhancement of the humoral response than alkylglycerols did. A significant synergistic stimulatory effect of lactic acid bacteria and alkylglycerols was observed in both treatment schedules: post- as well as in preimmunization with sheep red blood cells. However, their concomitant administration exerted stronger immunomodulatory effect than did the alternative route of treatment.

Many of the above points suggest that Shark Liver Oils are very useful for helping to correct Leaky Gut Syndrome and many LGS sufferers have found this to be true, especially when taken in conjunction with treatments and regimes.

However Shark Liver Oil also has benefits for many other people as well and in fact most people would probably benefit from a prophylactic dose of one capsule per day to strengthen their immune system. Allergy sufferers, cancer patients and asthma patients to name but a few. One researcher thinks that AIDS patients get very positive benefits from Shark Liver Oil as well.

We who live in New Zealand are lucky in regard to Shark Liver Oils. In our clean Southern Oceans some of our deep sea sharks have the highest concentrations of Alkylglycerols found anywhere, in some cases being up to 60%. This is what has prompted me to offer my own brand of Shark Liver Oil called Southern Deep Shark Liver Oil at very competitive prices. These deep sea sharks are not caught for their shark liver oil but are caught for their meat or as a byproduct of fishing for other species. There is an ample supply of shark livers from these sources and no need in the foreseeable future for sharks to be caught for their oil. Because of exchange rates it is also available at far superior prices to northern hemisphere Shark Liver Oil even with shipping taken into account.

Shark Liver Oil
Our Own New Zealand Shark Liver Oil - capsules.

One bottle is one months supply at initial adult dose rates and two months supply at maintenance dose rates. Initially you should take two capsules of 1000mg (or 8 of 250mg) a day for as many months as you have lived decades, e.g. if you are forty years old you take two a day for four months, then one a day. You should occasionally have a few days off from taking Shark Liver Oil also. We also now supply Southern Deep Shark Liver Oil in 250mg capsules for people who find the 1000mg caps hard to swallow.

Store in a cool and dry place. The shelf life of Shark Liver Oil is about 3 years.

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Shark Liver Oil - Skin Spray-pump - CFC free

We have recently introduced a deodorised liquid Shark Liver Oil - Spray - to our range in a 30 ml squirt bottle for external application of Shark Liver Oil to skin lesions and wounds. It promotes very rapid and scar free healing for infected wounds and hard to heal skin problems such as caused by over exposure to the sun. The oil is so fine it is rapidly absorbed by the skin, and as it contains Vitamin E, Squalene and Squalamine it is extremely beneficial to the skin. (The skin is composed of 10% squalene).

30ml spray

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Shark Liver Oil For Pets

Many customers have found that pets benefit from Southern Deep Shark Liver Oil for much the same reasons we humans do.

For a more information regarding Shark Liver Oil for Pets we created a special page:
Shark Liver Oil for Pets - follow this link.

Literature and Links

You will find these books and others for your well being on our 'Literature' page.

Shark Liver Oil : Nature's Amazing Healer

By Neil Solomon M.D., Ph.D., Richard Passwater Ph.D, Ingemar Joelsson M.D., Ph.D

Filled with documented studies and remarkable case histories. testimonies from HIV-positive, Aids and cancer patients whose lives were literally transformed through the use of Shark liver oil.

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Devour Disease: With Shark Liver Oil

Breakthrough discovery can help your immune system. Complex health information in a clear easy to read guide, with a comprehensive bibliography of scientific references.

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Here is a link to Genaera Corporation press release. regarding the cancer tumor killing property of Shark Liver Oil.


Southern Deep Shark Liver Oil is available in bottles of 60 x 1000mg capsules. At a price of NZ$25.00 per bottle it represents fantastic value for money for all international customers, this includes free airmail worldwide and packaging - no minimum order - same day shipping 5/7. NZ$25.00 converts to around USD 17.50, CAD 19.50, EUR 12.50, GBP 8.00, DKK 89.00, NOK 89.00, SEK 110.00. See currency converter below. We can offer this amazing deal because of the weakness of the New Zealand dollar, the fact that the oil is caught and bottled in New Zealand, and because we keep our overheads down. Our prices are often half of Northern hemisphere prices and ours is a superior product. 5-pack discount: NZ$112.50. Liquid Shark Liver Oil Spray, 30ml bottle, for topical application: NZ$19.00.

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Shark fishing

Deep sea sharks are not caught for their shark liver oil but are caught for their meat or as a by-product of fishing for other species. There is an ample supply of shark livers from these sources and no need in the foreseeable future for deep sea sharks to be caught for their oil.

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